Waterjetcutting Materials

Waterjetcutting is possible with the most diverse materials, like metals, plastics, composites, stone, glass, wood, rubber and many other materials.

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Composites
  • Plastics
  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • Other materials

Waterjetcutting of metal

Metal is often cut by using a laser, plasma or an autogenous. C&W Snijtechniek can cut all metals with a waterjet cutting instalation. Metals can be cut untill thicknesses of ± 200 mm. The metals can be delivered with a certificate by C&W Snijtechniek.

Waterjetcutting of wood

People find that wood is one of the materials which is less suitable according to their perception. And yet lends this material itself perfectly for this cutting technique. An advantage of cutting wood with water is, for example, that it is cheaper than milling. In principle, all types of wood can be cut with waterjet cutting, but the best results are achieved with wood sorts which are homogeneous of structure.

Waterjetcutting of composites

A composite is a material that is made up of different materials. Often referred to this as fibre-reinforced plastics. The fibres provide strength and plastics hold the fibers together. All composites are well suited for working with our waterjetcutting machines.

Waterjetcutting of plastics

A very wide variety of plastics are suitable to edit with the use of a waterjetcutting instalation.

Waterjetcutting of stone

Waterjetcutting is the most ideal method for the processing of stone. It is possible to use the waterjetcutting machine to cut out parts very precisely and in different colors, which then fit seamlessly together.

Waterjetcutting of glass

Glass can only be edited in a few ways. Waterjetcutting is the thechnique to process glass with a great freedom of shape. Almost any shape is possible. It is also possible to combine glass and metals with stone.

Waterjetcutting of rubber

Rubber is a material that can be subdivided in two groups, synthetic rubber and natural rubber. C&W Snijtechniek can cut any sorts of rubber with water. It is also possible to cut reinforced rubber with inserts.